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A Japanese Court Says the Country’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Constitutional. LGBT Activists Say That Won’t Stop Their Fight

LGBTQ rights in Japan suffered a blow on June 20, when a court in the country’s third-most populous city ruled that freedom of marriage in the constitution referred only to male-female unions, and tha..


U.S. Sanctions Have Helped China Supercharge Its Chipmaking Industry

China’s chip industry is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, after US sanctions on local champions from Huawei Technologies Co. to Hikvision spurred appetite for home-grown components.



A Russian Journalist Auctions His Nobel Prize Medal for Ukrainian Kids and Raises $103.5 Million

NEW YORK — The Nobel Peace Prize auctioned off by Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov to raise money for Ukrainian child refugees sold Monday night for $103.5 million, shattering the old record for a No..


BTS Falls Silent as Military Enlistment Looms. Where Does K-Pop Go From Here?

The surprise announcement by BTS last week that they were taking a break to focus on members’ solo projects stunned their global fanbase, shaking their label’s stock price and leaving many questions a..


President Macron Loses Majority in French Election Setback

PARIS, France — President Emmanuel Macron made history in the French legislative elections Sunday, just not in the way he hoped.

After his reelection in April, most observers expected Macron to get a..


Colombia Gets Its First Leftist President as Former Rebel Defeats Millionaire in Tight Election

BOGOTA, Colombia — Former rebel Gustavo Petro narrowly won a runoff election over a political outsider millionaire Sunday, ushering in a new era of politics for Colombia by becoming the country’s firs..


What a Concert by K-Pop Legend Rain in South Korea’s Former Presidential Compound Says About the Country’s Politics

Veteran K-pop superstar Rain made South Korean history today when he staged a concert at Cheongwadae—the presidential compound commonly known as the Blue House—which opened to the public on May 10.



Japan and South Korea’s Attendance at the Upcoming NATO Summit Could Worsen Global Tensions

As the military conflict in Ukraine bogs down on a slice of the embattled nation’s eastern and southern periphery, the geopolitical shift sparked by Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion keeps gaining new ground...


This Juneteenth, Black America Has an Important Opportunity to Increase Its Global Impact

Juneteenth is a celebration of the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans. Yet even as the newest U.S. holiday marks a uniquely American moment in Black history, the events of the last few years—fro..


North Korea Reports Another Disease Outbreak Amid COVID-19 Wave

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Thursday reported the eruption of another infectious disease in addition to its ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, saying leader Kim Jong Un has donated his private medicin..