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The True Story Behind Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Relationship

Director Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis offers an often surreal and chaotic look at how a Memphis truck driver named Elvis Presley became the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. At the center of the over-the-top biopic, in ..


How the Universal Language of Music Can Help Us Solve Our Planetary Problem

As the climate changes, it’s not too late to save ourselves. There is cause for both optimism and pessimism—salvation could take the form of easy technological fixes or cataclysmic climate events that..


What to Know About the Latest Advances in Managing Severe Asthma

Graphs and charts don’t always tell the whole story. Numbers can be deceiving. But anyone who looks at U.S. trends in asthma mortality can see, without squinting, that things are moving in the right d..


Senator Raphael Warnock Is Running Again for the Soul of Georgia

Raphael Warnock understands himself as a man born of a mighty lineage that he regards a “moral tradition.” He begins with his father, a self-taught metal worker, collecting cast-off vehicles, disassem..


The Bittersweet Experience of Celebrating Pride in Florida

It’s been pouring for two days straight, but we’re on our way to Wynwood for Pride. The Lyft driver complains continuously as he navigates traffic on the gridlocked highway. He says he hates living in..


‘Some Part of Their Youth Definitely Got Stolen.’ Photos of Growing Up Amid Ukraine’s War

​​If age is cumulative, the tallying up of events that weather the body and shape the mind, then Ukraine may not have many young people left.

Few here are unscarred by Russian President Vladimir Puti..


The True Story Behind Starz’s Becoming Elizabeth

The Starz series Becoming Elizabeth centers on the teenage years of Queen Elizabeth I. To the surprise of show creator Anya Reiss, this era was one aspect of the English monarch’s life and historic 45..


Ukraine’s Women Refugees Face the Harsh Reality of Poland’s Abortion Restrictions

In the early days of May, in the third month of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a mother in her early 40s crossed the border into Poland, seeking safety for herself and two teenage children. She also ca..


On World Refugee Day, Let’s Commit To Finding a Better Way

Every day more than two children are killed, and four are injured, in the conflict in Ukraine. After over 100 days of war, almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been displaced.

Conflict expose..


Going on Vacation This Summer? Welcome to the ‘Revenge Travel’ Economy

The clock had not yet struck noon on a recent sunny day in Copenhagen, but the hour didn’t stop Hannah Jackson and her friends from ordering a bottle of Champagne. After the waiter at one of the outdo..