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The Failure of the Feminist Industrial Complex

What is women’s empowerment in a world without Roe v. Wade?

Women receive more college degrees than men, young women outearn young men in some cities, and more women run Fortune 500 companies than ev..


The Miraculous Trees That Could Save Pakistan’s Largest City from Climate Disaster

On a recent Tuesday morning, several dozen Pakistani schoolchildren barreled down a wooden walkway into a thicket of mangroves. They jostled for space at a small viewing platform and eagerly pointed o..


We’re Gonna Need a Greener Boat

Container ships transport just about everything. The world wants more of all of it. So the ships are getting bigger, as are the shipping channels, port complexes, and loading cranes. “All over the wor..


The Motion of the Ocean Could Be the Next Big Source of Green Energy

In 1851, Charles Babbage, the English mathematician and inventor, found himself preoccupied with what might happen should coal mines—then and now one of the primary sources of usable energy—become dep..


The Ocean Is Climate Change’s First Victim and Last Resort

Rain forests may be known as the planet’s lungs, but it’s when standing before the seas, with their crashing waves and ceaselessly cycling tides, that we feel the earth breathe. The ocean, say scienti..


Schools Are Spending Billions on Safety Measures to Stop Mass Shootings. It’s Not Clear They Work

Beside pencil sharpeners and calendars documenting field trips and birthdays in classrooms throughout Minnesota’s Lakeville Area Schools, there are now big blue boxes with a red button and the word “P..


How the ‘MAGA Squad’ Is Building Power to Control the Next Congress

On a Tuesday afternoon in late April, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene walks into the seventh-floor congressional office belonging to Representative Matt Gaetz, settles into a high-backed black l..


On the Campaign Trail With Marjorie Taylor Greene


“Well, first of all, it wasn’t my idea,” Marjorie Taylor Greene says brightly to the group of reporters. The polarizing Georgia congresswoman is perched on ..


The Education of David Hogg

A lot has changed since I first met David Hogg in 2018. He has a beard now, and a girlfriend. He’s about to be a senior at Harvard, studying the history of conservative political movements. His face h..


New Abortion Clinics Are Opening Near Borders and Airports to Stretch Access as Far as It Will Go

After more than five years working together in reproductive health clinics in the Washington, D.C., area, nurse-midwife Morgan Nuzzo and ob-gyn Dr. Diane Horvath realized they could do it better. They..