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Nearly 15 Million Deaths Are Linked to COVID-19, World Health Organization Says

(London) — The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 15 million people were killed either by coronavirus or by its impact on overwhelmed health systems in the past two years, more than doubl..


Most Americans Want a Mask Requirement for Travelers, Poll Finds

(Fargo, N.D.) — A majority of Americans continue to support a mask requirement for people traveling on airplanes and other shared transportation, a new poll finds. A ruling by a federal judge has put ..


CDC Drops COVID-19 Health Warning for Cruise Ship Travelers

Federal health officials are dropping the warning they have attached to cruising since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving it up to vacationers to decide whether they feel safe getting on a ship.



Why Researchers Are Still Testing Wild Animals for COVID-19

(Grand Portage, Minn.) — To administer this COVID test, Todd Kautz had to lay on his belly in the snow and worm his upper body into the narrow den of a hibernating black bear. Training a light on its ..


FDA Authorizes Another COVID-19 Booster for Ages 50 and Up

U.S. regulators on Tuesday authorized another COVID-19 booster for people age 50 and older, a step to offer extra protection for the most vulnerable in case the coronavirus rebounds.

The Food and Dru..


Fauci Warns of Potential Rise in U.S. COVID-19 Cases as Funding Runs Dry

The U.S. could soon see Covid-19 cases rise again and vulnerable people are likely to need a fourth vaccine dose, one of President Joe Biden’s top health advisers warned as the White House calls for m..


Moderna Seeks FDA Authorization for Fourth Dose of COVID-19 Shot for All Adults

(Washington, D.C.) — Drugmaker Moderna asked the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday to authorize a fourth shot of its COVID-19 vaccine as a booster dose for all adults.

The request is broader t..


More Than 30 Companies Will Soon Make Generics of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Pill

(GENEVA) — Nearly three dozen companies worldwide will soon start making generic versions of Pfizer’s coronavirus pill, the U.N.-backed Medicines Patent Pool that negotiated the deal said Thursday.



China Locks Down City of 9 Million Amid New Spike in Cases

(BEIJING) — China on Friday ordered a lockdown of the 9 million residents of the northeastern city of Changchun amid a new spike in COVID-19 cases in the area attributed to the highly contagious omicr..


Man Who Got First Pig Heart Transplant Dies After Two Months

The first person to receive a heart transplant from a pig has died, two months after the groundbreaking experiment, the Maryland hospital that performed the surgery announced Wednesday.

David Bennett..