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What the Buffalo Shooting Says About Black America’s Fraught Relationship With Guns

The Buffalo community in upstate New York is still mourning the senseless massacre that occurred on May 15, when a gunman entered a local grocery store and killed 10 people in a racially motivated att..


White Supremacy Is Deadly. Guns Make It Deadlier

Here we are again. A white man radicalized by racist rhetoric carrying an assault rifle just massacred Black people going about their daily lives, causing lifelong trauma and suffering.

And, once aga..


How the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Has Fueled Racist Violence

The man who opened fire in a Buffalo grocery store on Saturday, killing 10 people, appears to have been motivated by a white nationalist ideology known on dark corners of the web as the “great replace..


Buffalo Shooting Adds Pressure on Joe Biden to Push for Gun Control Measures

Joe Biden campaigned on a pledge to “end” America’s gun violence epidemic. The racially-motivated shooting that killed 10 people and injured three at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York on Saturday h..


Black Kids Were Already Exposed to More Gun Violence Than White Kids. The Pandemic Widened That Gap

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Black population in the United States was already more at risk than the white of being exposed to gun violence. Now, a recent study out of Boston University has..


What Made the Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Remington Unique

For nearly two decades, gun makers in America have been widely viewed as untouchable in court, where they’re impervious to most lawsuits under federal protections.

That impression came crashing down ..


Much Like the Victims They Try to Help, Gun Violence Prevention Workers Have Scars

Chronic stress, trauma exposure, frequent threats of violence and the relentless grind of gun crimes’ impact: A recently-released report from the University of Illinois Chicago reveals in stark terms ..


Remington to Pay Sandy Hook Families $73 Million in ‘Wake-Up Call’ to Gun Industry

Remington Arms will pay nine families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting $73 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit, attorneys announced Tuesday, the first time a U.S..


‘Enough is Enough.’ Meeting New York City Mayor, Biden Pledges Progress in Fight Against Gun Violence

During a Thursday meeting with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, President Joe Biden announced actions for investing in policing and community intervention programs in response to the surge in gun viole..


Community Leaders Fear Eric Adams’ Plan to End Gun Violence Is Leaving the Public Out of ‘Public Safety’

Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York City, announced on Jan. 24 a detailed plan aiming to end gun violence in his city. Adams, a former police officer and Brooklyn borough president, made public safe..