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On Being Black and Asian in America

Checking the Box

First grade. I am 6 years old, taking my first standardized test at Shepherd Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Next to “Race,” I check “Black.” At 6, I already know what they thi..


How Anna Wintour Wields Her Power

On the evening of May 2, Anna Wintour will take her place at the top of the carpeted steps leading into New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wintour, now Condé Nast’s global chief content offic..


For Putin, It’s All About the Money—And I Learned That the Hard Way

As we watch the murderous carnage that Putin has unleashed against innocent Ukrainians, we are all trying to understand Putin’s motivations. Some say he’s reacting to NATO expansion, others contend th..


America Doesn’t Know How to Read the Work of Black Writers

High school English didn’t ask much of us. We were assigned two books a year, one of them a Shakespeare play and the other short, cynical, and 20th century. Never anything later than the ’50s, as if l..


How an ‘Imposter’ Journalist Changed the Course of World War I

Three days after Christmas in 1915, a New York City taxi bounced over streetcar tracks and weaved among the horse buggies on its way out of the city to the 5th Street Pier in Hoboken, New Jersey, home..


‘Keep Listening to My Voice.’ What It’s Like to Be an Abortion Clinic Escort

“You cannot block the car,” I told the bodies amassed in front of the cab. “That is against the law!”

“We don’t have to listen to you!” a man yelled back as he elbowed past me. “You’re not better tha..


Far Too Many Black Girls Disappear Without a Trace. Relisha Rudd Has Never Been Found

I viscerally recall the first time I heard that there were at least 64,000 missing Black girls and women in the United States. It was 2019 and I was attending a symposium focused on Black girlhood. At..


The Singing Penis, The Masquerading Clitoris, and Other Sex Secrets of the Animal World

Living organisms have been colonizing the planet for nearly four billion years. They’ve taken on countless forms through assorted evolutionary and adaptive mechanisms to survive in environments where ..


The Tormented Rise of Abolition in 1830’s America

Abolition in America stood at a crossroads in the mid-1830s. Reviled in the national press, denounced by demagogues, and attacked by mobs, abolitionists faced unprecedented hostility and violence coor..


The Big Business Politics Behind the Formation of Yellowstone National Park

In the fall of 1871, Americans became aware of Yellowstone’s many natural wonders after geologist Ferdinand Hayden returned from a federally funded expedition to assess the region’s “geological, miner..