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This Is How We Quit Big Oil

At the end of the first quarter of 2021, as the CEOs of the three biggest U.S. oil and gas companies presented their firms’ earnings, investors fired off a range of questions about how they were addre..


Germany Says It Can Wean Itself off Russian Crude Oil by the Summer

BERLIN — Germany says it’s making progress on weaning itself off Russian fossil fuels and expects to be fully independent of Russian crude oil imports by late summer.

Economy and Climate Minister Rob..


As Putin Threatens Nuclear Disaster, Europe Learns to Embrace Nuclear Energy Again

In early March, the world looked on in horror as a fire broke out at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in southeast Ukraine. The blaze at the Zaporizhzhia facility following shelling by invading Ru..


Biden Launches $6B Effort to Save Distressed Nuclear Plants

The Biden administration is launching a $6 billion effort to rescue nuclear power plants at risk of closing, citing the need to continue nuclear energy as a carbon-free source of power that helps to c..


In Search of Funding, Tribal Communities Are Turning to Corporate Investment to Embrace Solar Power

The very first utility-scale solar plant on tribal land in the continental U.S. began operating just five years ago. Built on some 2,000 acres on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Clark County, Ne..


Oil Climate Disclosures Riddled With ‘Questionable Claims,’ Study Finds

Environmental disclosures by some of the biggest U.S. oil and gas companies contain “questionable claims” about climate risks and greenhouse-gas emissions, frustrating investors under pressure to dive..


Potent Heat-Trapping Methane Emissions Increase at Record Pace

Global atmospheric levels of the potent but short-lived greenhouse gas methane increased a record amount last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday, worrying scientis..


The Bitcoin Mining Showdown In New York’s Wine Country

When I reach Rick Rainey on the phone, he’s barreling down a highway in his Subaru with samples of Riesling in tow. “I’m out here spreading the Finger Lakes love,” he tells me—which means, he’s testin..


18 Countries Have Been Able to Cut Emissions While Growing Their Economy

Proponents of clean energy and thinks tanks have long said it’s possible to reduce emissions and keep an economy growing. Now the latest report from the world’s top climate scientists says 18 countrie..


Climeworks Raises $650 Million to Scale Up Carbon Capture Technology

Swiss startup Climeworks AG has raised 600 million francs ($650 million) to scale up its technology that sucks carbon dioxide directly from the air.

The world has to reach peak greenhouse-gas emissio..